NODE International Shipping Fee Clarified

Please note: for anyone wanting to purchase a node and lives internationally, the shipping fee is $49 per node and NOT free as the 50% off promo states, just wanted to clarify for other internationals here.


This can be confusing, I agree.

What is more important, for international buyers, enter your phonenumber.
The courier needs that.

The shipping fee always applies, whether you buy full price or discounted.
Free shipping only relates to USA orders.


This whole process has been mess. Transferred BTC from one exchange to another to purchase DAI. Sending DAI to the wallet only to find out international shipping fees to repeat the process AGAIN. Buying DAI from Bittrex was a nightmare. No liquidity and bots playing to raise price up. Won’t do it ever again!


I purchased a node and paid 248 DAI.I did not understand though if they ship from Europe or the United States,I live in Europe


I can understand your frustration with that, but why did you not use the same exchange that you used the first time that you sent btc from? Wouldn’t it make sense to buy from the place you know and trust already and not from BITTREX?
Also the fee is so small on incognito, like micro amounts of a penny it makes more sense to buy at a high liquidity like BTC. Send it incognito, transfer to DAI. I’ve done that with other cryptos and it has actually save me money.


Thanks for that Jamie, the international shipping fee should be stated on the promo offer so that people are aware before they try and order nodes via the app otherwise they will need to transfer DAI funds 2 or more times and that’s where the frustration builds. Apart from that, it all works fine and the app itself is comprehensive and well structured, many thanks! I would suggest to those that have ETH they wish to convert to DAI, to use metamask and uniswap as it reduces your frustration without having to buy and sell from exchanges!

I face this liquidity problem so much for other coins/tokens as well. In such cases, you may order the market pairs in CMC by liquidity, which usually returns the consistent results with what you expect. Please go to and order it by the liquidity. Then, check the pairs with high liquidity and low liquidity, and you will see the difference.


So many people are their own worse enemies.

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