Not sure how to tell if it’s working

It’s been over a month now since I have received any PVR for running my node is this thing dead in the water?

what is your issue?

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I guess you are feeling bad because of no earning in a long time. But, that is how the random selection works (My Node hasn't earned in x days/weeks). If that was your case, I just can suggest you should wait for some more days patiently.


It’s been over a month. I went 5 months no issues then everything just stopped. Really not sure why it’s so hard to add a node status to the interface. I know the rewards are random that’s why I have wanted over a month lol. This issue is how do I know that it’s even functional. It’s an electronic device something could fail power spike who knows. I wouldn’t be asking if I just had a way to see if it’s alive lol
I believe is the address that was made to be able to see if you are waiting to be selected, etc.

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@nate44432 For the time being, please follow to Jerry’s advise as this tool is very useful:
We are working on a new UI for Node, which shows some applicable statuses instead of the boring green-tick currently.