pDEX Visualization Tool

Quite a few people have asked about a web-hosted readout/visualization tool for pDEX. Everything needed for this is available in the API, just needs to be done.

Example: https://defipulse.com/uniswap

This project is a good candidate for a DAO Grant. Anyone capable and interested in developing such a tool?

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Who will host this site? If incognito will host (including domain name), I will take a look at my agenda :slight_smile: @Grant


Hey @abduraman, both options works perfectly

  • we can host it
  • we can grant you fund so you also can cover hosting costs and has full ownership of this initiative.

Let me know how is is sounds for you. And please add some more estimations in terms when it could be done, and how much funding is needed. Here is the template.

This is something I’ve been looking into adding to my incognito tool project after it was suggested in Telegram about a week ago. It’s an in-progress feature, but progress is being made, I’m hoping to complete it in a another week give or take depending on my free time. Code is open source.


Go ahead please @mesquka . I am busy with Tipcoin pApp. I would add this job into the queue :slight_smile: @andrey

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