Please add your Incognito wallet address to your profile info

Hey everyone!

Funding is starting to go out to the first few proposals, rewards are being sent for the wanted tasks, and community rewards for engagement will launch soon. So…

Please set up your account with your PRV address.

To receive PRV funding and engagement rewards, just add your incognito wallet address to your profile information.

You can access it by first clicking on your avatar, then clicking the gear icon. Or just replace ‘yourusername’ with… your username:

Thanks all! If you have any questions, just reply to this topic.


Could you confirm whether my profile is OK? I do not want to miss even a dime :joy:

Hey! I see it, but it’s in the wrong place. Go to your profile, and fill in the ‘Incognito address’ field shown at the bottom of this screenshot:


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I think, it is fine now.

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All done @ning !


How does this work? I navigate to the profile page online and I have no idea what my wallet address is. Please tell me where I can either find my wallet addresss or create one. This should be simple.

Download the incognito wallet app for Android or iOS here.

Tap on settings in the home page. Tap on the key next to account 0. Copy the first address you see that says ‘your incognito address’.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you. I followed these directions and so now if I look at my profile here online, then the address should be there too, right?

Nope. The incog address from the wallet is NOT copied to the profile online either. I’ll have to do it manually I suppose.

yes, you’ll have to add it to the site.

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Where on the site do I add it? Can you add another link? Because the other link is broken :dizzy_face:

Heya, you have to sub out ‘yourusername’ with your username. Sorry if it wasn’t clear! So yours will be:


Just curious does it have to be account 0 or can it be a different account?

Any account will work, just need a valid incognito payment address.

So I found where I could add my incognito address and did so, but my username that is “jerry_watson” needs to be switched to like my account number on my my wallet?

Err I think it should be good now :joy:

Lol glad to hear it!

Can some please check my address Thanks.

Looks good to me!

.I changed my incognito address to the address for Account 0 in the icog wallet and still no rewards…