pNode question for Newbie

Another dumb question perhaps, but I really have no ideas… I have recently unstaked on of my two pNodes and re-staked it with my own 1750 PRV for 100% earning. My question is… what to do with the PRVs earned from this pNode from now on? Do I withdraw it and Stake it in the pool, or do I leave it there (does it earn anything if I leave it there?). Thanks.

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It depends on your goals.

  • Want to help the project long term? Invest it in the liquidity pool
  • Want to save up to stake a new node in the future? Either the staking pool or the liquidity pool could help you grow your PRV.
  • Want to start earning income off of your nodes? Sell some or all PRV in the pDEX.
  • Want to support the community? Send some PRV to folks making tools like @inccry, @mesquka or @raz
  • Want to buy branded swag? See @Joe_Moffett
  • Want to buy office furniture with crypto?

Lots of choices both short and long term.