Incognito pNODE sounds interesting, and I would like to purchase one to try it out. Can anyone share how much is the return for one month when running it 24/7? What cryptocurrency does it pay? as BTC, ETH, PRV, or combination? I really appreciate your response.


It’s a little on the random side, so everyone’s experience will be different. I am currently making ~$35 US per month, but my pNode isn’t personally staked yet, so I’m only earning about 35% of everything it COULD make. And I’m basing this off of the PRV tokens I’ve earned. I have also earned little bits of other cryptocurrencies like USDC, BTC, etc., but right now those amounts are so small that I didn’t bother adding those to my calculations.


Thank you very much for your response, Synthia. I believe Incognito is gaining more public attention and awareness. I also love its endeavor to improve app/node experience and public reach-out effort. It will definitely return more value in the future. Happy pNoding!


The nodes are meant to be selected at random.
They are going through a growth phase with the nodes while still keeping a majority of the earning slots closed, you can find long threads but it is to be cautious and more earning slots will be available early next year.
Most of us pnoders tend to take any earnings we get and immediately stake them or put them in liquidity. Doing so helps supply a steady income inbetween the randomized gaps.


Wow…Synthia making some bank there…way to go…congrats…:wink:

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