POLL: Should we do another Privacy Coin Awards?

  • Yes!
  • Yes, but… (comment below w/ suggestions)
  • No!

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An alternative approach is to offer ongoing rewards for custom Privacy Coin performance (here performance = number of transactions), similar to how blockstack does their App Mining.

There are X number of PRV available each month, and each coin is given rewards based on the number of transactions. So there isn’t 1/2/3 place - everyone gets rewarded PRV in proportion to how many transactions are done with their coin. Thoughts?

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I agree but just the coins with a verified badge should be counted. Otherwise, spamming and bad intent will decrease the effectiveness of this approach.

In addition, instead of a fixed number of PRV, the total prize should be tied to a percentage of DAO fund collected in that month, say %1.

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For people who missed the first one, it would help to explain what it is about. How it was organized.


Other such awards need to come with proper supervision. Not buying of transactions and other underhanded methods.

An award that rewards innovative and practical usage that settles real life problems will be far more effective than just an award that rewards usage of Incognito just for the sake of usage will be much better.

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