POLL: Should we do another Privacy Coin Awards?

  • Yes!
  • Yes, but… (comment below w/ suggestions)
  • No!

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An alternative approach is to offer ongoing rewards for custom Privacy Coin performance (here performance = number of transactions), similar to how blockstack does their App Mining.

There are X number of PRV available each month, and each coin is given rewards based on the number of transactions. So there isn’t 1/2/3 place - everyone gets rewarded PRV in proportion to how many transactions are done with their coin. Thoughts?

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I agree but just the coins with a verified badge should be counted. Otherwise, spamming and bad intent will decrease the effectiveness of this approach.

In addition, instead of a fixed number of PRV, the total prize should be tied to a percentage of DAO fund collected in that month, say %1.

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For people who missed the first one, it would help to explain what it is about. How it was organized.