PRV Faucet (June)

@altair set up a faucet to help get PRV to people who don’t have any. It enables new users to anonymously send their crypto right away.

Original post: Incognito Faucet

Product website:

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Hey @altair on your site, I see ads! I believe that this is not permissible in relation to our attitude towards decentralization! You see goals to use incognito to earn! Which is fundamentally contrary to our common goal !!!
What do you think? @aaron @ning @Jamie @annie @duy


I don’t see ads, I am also not sure what has been agreed upon when this project started.

My problem with the website would be that it is not served over https, and that it doesn’t present itself as a user initiative, people could easily assume it is run by Incognito Core team. But that is just me.


@altair he removed it after my message! You work fast! Well done!


I just don’t want people like him to use incognito as an opportunity to stuff their wallet! I honestly do not see the purpose of his site, and why incognito wants to pay him for his idea! Our idea works much better!


If we want the network to grow we are going to need to produce a gateway that ALL can use (open source) and we can not regulate what sites or stores use it.

If you want to keep this project small, then limit how gateways can be used.

People creating storefronts are going to use PRV for profit, by making money selling merchandise, you pay with PRV. They profit.

I do not want to limit website owners that want to integrate a gateway for PRV network . By doing that, we are going to limit the use of it and expansion of the network.

My take, as long as its legal, put ads on your site, sell stuff using PRV as the gateway payment do whatever. IT ALL helps increase awareness, transactions and expansion of the network.

Besides, unless you are contributing to the facet and payouts, they have to be covered somehow unless you expect the owner to pay it all out of their pockets. I know he asked for donations to support it, but ads do the same thing and he doesn’t have to beg for people to help.


I also believe it should be have ssh on it, but the website owner has to make that choice. As a users or browser, we have to decide once we see its not a secure site if we want to use it and put our wallet address in there or not.

As far as people knowing its a dev site or not, there is no way for dev team to regulate that. Unless it states it is part of the official dev team, I would assume most would not immediately associate it as an official project site. It doesn’t share the same url or any site information.

If every site wanting to use PRV to sell merch, give info, sell PRV or whatever has to make a statement they aren’t part of the dev core team and its an unofficial site, you will never get compliance. And if you somehow were able to regulate it, the project wouldnt be able to grow nearly like it would without restrictive regulations that discourage people to network out the network.


Like I said, these are just my thoughts. I am well aware what the team can and can not regulate on the internet. Doesn’t mean I can not have an opinion on it.

I didn’t like the idea of a faucet when it was brought up the first time (long ago), and still don’t. That also doesn’t mean it won’t see daylight.


I need permission from no one

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I do not need your prv. Same on anyone used my app. ■■■■■■■■ community

Hey @altair, thanks for building this app. Are you planing to move the site to https:// for added security?