Push incognito tech in training programs for students and retraining programs for PMETs

There is a lot of controversy over https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/07/14/85-of-jobs-that-will-exist-in-2030-haven-t-been-invented-yet-d_a_23030098/
I won’t want to revisit them. Using these figures just to start the proposal may not be too far away from the truth. Everywhere we are seeing PMET retraining with more and more governments jumping into the wagon throwing money like Helicopter Ben, implementing weird courses such as entrepreneurship for toddlers or 70 year olds.

Schools have their clubs which we can be allied with to push our technologies. For the matured PMETs, I can see more and more government emphasising on retraining. The problem I see is that the Govts besides throwing money are as lost as the average jobless fellas.

There are silver linings. In Singapore and Australia, there are government sponsored courses for nearly everything in trying to give the jobs back to PMETs. The budgets are extremely generous. I am wondering should we nip at the jobless buds and cooperate with the Govt exchanging our knowledge for their budgets and helping the sandwiched class of PMETs and future graduates to fit into the nameless 85% of the jobs by learning about Incognito technologies? There is a lot of money on the tables.

I am not saying that Incognito is the silver bullet. In fact we are far from there. But we can use our technologies to be innovators to ease the transition into the unknown for these people who are caught in the change Paradigm. In Essence we target the young students and the old grandmas. With the size that we are now, we can’t do that much but we may be the spark that lit the prairie fire. With that, who knows, we can leapfrog far larger companies.

I hope I am not rambling senselessly. Been a decade since I was into journal papers and writing. :pray::pray::pray:

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