Quality Assurance Processes for Incognito Blockchain - July 2020

Quality Assurance Processes:


Test plan:

Delivery Date Status Task Goal
July 7 todo Testing full-flow Privacy v2 on Devnet Ensure no critical bug before deploy this feature on testnet
July 15 todo Implement automation test script for Portal v2 Reduce manual testing effort
July 22 todo Testing pDEX v2 on Local env Ensure basic function worked properly
July 30 todo Unittest Dynamic Committee Size on Local env Ensure every module working as design

Key results:

  • Address as many issues as possible in the early stage of development.
  • No bug on mainnet of Incognito-chain’s released features: Send Transaction, Reward, Staking, Bridge and pDEX.

Past discussion


Incognito Chain Testcases
Github Incognito Chain Testing
Github Bridge Ethereum


Community update for last week: (June 29 - July 3)

  • Dynamic committee size - beacon sync: the beacon will also has shard data, all basic feature worked properly so far => moving to next phase: refactor blockchain package and implement staking flow
  • pDEX v2 dev build has just roll out and i will check it this week
  • privacy v2: developer is fixing bug related to pDEX and Portal transaction, prv and token transaction is working fine
  • Portal v2: continue implement automation testscript: 27/70