Real Human versus Pseudo

I do have a question. Can I use a pseudonym to apply for the grants here so that I do not need to pay tax back home?

Incognito provides the technology to enhance privacy using technology. Just that I am not sure where the lines are drawn esp when grants are given. Sovereign countries will be naturally interested in the taxation.

To quote you directly
The privacy movement is in its infancy. Every user, node, and idea counts.
Everyone of us need to protect it and not let any missteps destroy it at its infancy.

The incognito mode the project supplies is not for hide information, it is about keeping information secure and private.

Whether you use a real name or a fake name, the laws of your country still apply. It is up to you whether to obey them or not.

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Does Incognito hides information?
Simple question Yes/No. what if it was your guy who helped to fake? No country in the world allows this. FYI

This is a very useful article

I have no idea what you want with this discussion.