Refer an ambassador: 200 PRV

The Ambassador program is seeking individuals from around the world to spread information about the incognito privacy movement.

Get more information and apply here.

If you know someone who might fit the description in the link, get them to apply and mention your name in their post. If they are chosen, you’ll receive 200 PRV as a thank you. :star_struck:



Though I’m not specifically referring an brand ambassador, I think that there is an untapped community of crypto-enthusiasts with which you can definitely perform outreach:

They are a blogging website that centers on crypto. They have a decent readership and fairly active stream of new posts. If the incognito team is interested, I’d be happy to collaborate and compile a post featuring the platform. I think working with the devs and outlining the information to be highlighted and pairing it with appealing graphics would increase the impact. Just a thought. LMK.

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I am happy to see Chucky apply for ambassador after I asked him to look at the “job” description.
He is a good candidate. I don’t really need the 200 PRV, just letting you know this is a good guy.


@solnce sure fit

When can I get my reward? I sent my girlfriend
@solnce to the program Ambassador


Looks cool. Going to try it out!