RFC: Incognito Builder Community

Hello dear builders!

This category is a place for the community to discuss, coordinate, launch and promote privacy projects built on or for Incognito. It’s a loose descendant of t.me/incognitodevs.

Just like before, we want to keep this as community-driven as possible, so we want your input! Below is an overview of our plan. Please reply with your comments, concerns, musings, intimations, ideas, misgivings, hopes and dreams.

Category Layout

There are four subcategories. You can post new topics to the main category, but posting to a subcategory will get you more relevant feedback and discussion:

  • Privacy Coins: Everything related to the ‘Issue a privacy coin’ feature
  • Integrations: Announcements and discussions about ported/shielded coins
  • Use-Cases: Projects built on Incognito; could be a token, a pApp or just an idea.
  • Dev: Technical questions about the SDK and API’s

DAO Funding

The DAO is a pool of funds set aside from block rewards (basically a small tax) that will be used to fuel growth and development of Incognito.

We opened up DAO Grants in December of 2019. A handful of grants have been assigned, and distribution is pending successful completion of projects.

Moving forward, our goals for the Incognito DAO are:

  1. Transparency. Let the community to know what projects apply for funding, which projects are selected, and why.
  2. Visibility. Maximize the impact of each project by sharing as much information as possible about the status of our grantees.
  3. Inclusion. Provide a place for Incognito builders to interact with collaborators or customers. If someone wants to fund a project separate from the DAO, or raise funds directly from users, they can do it here.

To this end, we’ll take the following actions:

  1. Post all grant applications to this category, with a 7-day period for community input and discussion.
  2. Post status updates on in-progress applications.
  3. Allow anyone to promote their Incognito project, as long as it isn’t eyeroll-level spammy.
  4. For the time being, the core dev team will continue to make final decisions regarding funding.

Looking forward to your comments :raised_hands: