[SOLVED] BTC withdrawal problem

Obviously a first time user here. I sent my pBTC out of network in an attempt to just have BTC again and I have no idea where they are! They are not in any of my 4 Incognito accounts. Please help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Block: dc50be0dde2470976206…c46440ad

TX: 3ed1887bcfdc988be5383e84218d125b56ba7195845467da4a54493c9794d028


BTC Address: 18XZdJd9gUxHhBB3h7vEUa6pfSmYwrzh7j

If you need any other information let me know. Thank you!

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If you send “out of network” you are sending pBTC (which converts to BTC on the way) to a wallet outside the Incognito network. The amount will be removed from your Incognito account and show up in the external account you sent it to.

Thanks for the super prompt reply! I know this sounds really stupid but I have no idea where that btc address came from that I sent it to. Any ideas? Here’s a few screenshots. Thank you.

Addresses are not autofilled. You have to copy paste it yourself or select from your addressbook. The common way would be to obtain a deposit address from your external wallet, or a BTC address that is yours.

I will check with a dev to see what information he can retrieve.

Thank you so much. I’m wondering if I did something similar to this…

([SOLVED] I hope all my money isn't lost! (Spoilers it wasn't)):

It is possible. I have asked a dev to look at it. One of us will update this post when it is sorted.

You mentioned it was solved and then removed it. Did you find your coins?
This is the transaction link https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/d5164fc31aaed7688426fcfb6d05d80c627ae5b0d4812247beb85be42d0fe2fa/

My mistake. Its unfortunately not resolved. I don’t have any ownership over the address that the BTC was sent to.

It turns out neither do we. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.
Maybe you can contact the company your external wallet/account is registered with.

Oh man… I hate to hear that. Ouch… I just don’t understand how that address could have been copied to my clipboard if it didn’t come from the Incognito site. Regardless, I acknowledge that this was my own fault. Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.


You may send a transaction with memo to the same address and explain what you want in the memo. However, bad news is that the address to which you sent is never used before you. Yours is the first transaction. Probably it has no owner yet.

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This is what leads me to believe that it was generated by Incognito. That, and the fact that I had no other BTC related apps open at the time and had not dealt with any other addresses in quite a long time.

I would assume the opposite. The deposit addresses used in the app, circulate as one-time-only, 60 minutes valid, addresses. After you used it, it is passed on to another user.

This is part of the “deposits don’t directly link to you” design.
Still curious what happened though.

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