[SOLVED] Do I need a PC to run a physical node?

I apologize if this has already been asked, but I am interested in running a physical node. I have a desktop PC however I rarely use it because its so old and slow. If I run a node do I have to use my PC and have it running all the time to run a node? I would like to be able to use my PC once to set up the node and just have the node next to my router constantly earning. Any clarification on this is appreciated. Thank you.

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Maybe you could host a Vnode in your PC?
Take a look at this:

I dont want to use my PC. It’s too far from my router and wouldn’t get a good enough connection to the wifi

Well, I think you could buy a Pnode then, or just run a Vnode in some cloud computing service, like the ones in the post sent above.
And you don’t need to use your pc to set up or to keep the Pnode working, you can do that using the incognito app.

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Awesome! Thank you for the quick response!

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Also, pay attention to the Stake fee :wink:

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A pNode is a standalone device. You need to buy this device. It is plug and play, you don’t need a pc to run it, just the app and a wifi connection.

A vNode is software you run on a vps or on a pc.

Before your node is ready to be selected to earn you need to stake a vNode with 1750 PRV. A pNode can use funded stake which will take 75% of your earnings.