[SOLVED] Incognito App - Node Rewards Reporting Issue

Looks like there’s an issue with the mainnet and the its communication with the Incognito Wallet App. When I open the nodes section - it takes an obnoxiously long time to load (over 2-3 minutes) and then I get an error indicated in the screenshot below. Also, after getting past the error, all my nodes show 0 PRV when I know I had about 10-20 PRV of rewards on at least a couple of my nodes.


I am sure the support team is working on this issue, but I wanted to ask if this only impacts the reporting functionality on the app or does this also impact earnings on your vnode while this is being fixed?


It’s only the fullnode used by the app that is down. Transactions (and therefore earnings from block rewards) are unaffected.

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@Mike_Wagner - thought so, thank you for confirming! :slight_smile:

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Your earning rewards are not impacted at all. It’s an app glitch and we’re working on it now.


Thanks, @Ducky

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My earnings are gone from one of my pnodes. I had initiated a withdrawal from rewards over the weekend. Now, prv is gone and no withdrawal happened.

Hey @Clint, please give me your Node id and we will have a look.

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Thank you for helping. I have sent you a PM with node details

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Hi same thing happened to me. Should I send you a pm also?

Same issue here.

Where did the withdraw from node function deposit my prv? I’m lost.

Initiated a pnode withdrawal, and it’s done, bit no prv ended up in the account 0 wallet?

Did you check your other accounts? May be in pDex.

Check the name of the account assigned to your Node on the node tab, then check that account.

Please don’t spam the same message multiple times.

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I did, it’s account 0, and it is empty

Yeah,vsorry, learning this new system. It keeps changing.

@Jamie – there is an associated issue stemming from the fullnode issue yesterday. (pNode) Withdrawals that completed during that time are not fully settled. The PRV is withdrawn from the Node, the withdraw status is reset but the earnings are NOT deposited in the associated account.

I raised the issue with @Peter last night. There are two reports of the same here: Incognito App - Node Rewards Reporting Issue. @Ducky appears to be handling those.

And there two reports on the Telegram talkaround here and here.

@martin’s issue may be related to that bug as well.

EDIT: Another report.


That is why checking the account name is important. Filter out that issue.

You would be surprised how many people check the wrong account.

And so? My funds are where?