[SOLVED] Install alternative to Google Play?

I contacted a privacy advocate, who at first really liked the idea of Incognito and asked a lot of questions, but then when he tried to install Incognito on his de-googled Android it didn’t work and required Google Play.

Could you please fix this?

Incognito should support those who refuses to use commercial products in protection of their privacy.

he can install the apk directly. cc @henry @binh

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He got a Google Play error message, but now the app seems to be working fine.

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Hey Raz, may I know where Rob is right now? Which country?

Yes, he is from the USA

Hi @raz thanks you,
incognito wallet have use google play service for some system features, so if not will got google play error message. but if use only for wallet, send / shield it’s still work fine.
also I think like you we can port a version for some country cant not use google play service.

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