[SOLVED] Issue adding liquidity

I added liquidity and I got “something went wrong. Please try again” error. Then I hit cancel, transaction seem to be cancelled.

Add Liquidity transaction has ‘Cancelled’ status next to it.
Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 7.55.49 PM

But my coins haven’t returned to the wallet. What do I do?

try Again but leave a tiny bit of PRV behind in your account. There is a little network fee that hangs it up if you try to put everything in

@Silvercap718 I did have enough PRV in my pDEX account

Yep . Gotta leave some dust to settle fees

Do yourself a favor and delete the photo of the info…

I think the liquidity was added coz I see shares when I go to “remove liquidity”.
But can someone really confirm if that is the case?

You can see the liquidity transaction in you pdex history

See the second screenshot, says the transaction is cancelled. But the coins have not returned to my wallet. If the transaction is successful, it should show that.

Please send me a full screenshot in a private message @taruneldho
cc: @tien