[SOLVED] Unstake pnode

I unstaked both my pnodes to stake them myself. One completed several earning cycle epochs and then it just says waiting to be selected again. Why didn’t it complete the unstake and allow me to stake at the end of the earning cycle? I’ve been waiting for weeks.

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It take sometimes 2/3 weeks or a month

I thought I just had to be at the end of an earnings cycle

Like on one of my nodes I’ve been waiting for a couple weeks and on this one I noticed it was earning last night and unstaked immediately. Per the instructions as long as it was under state prior to the last earnings cycle then it should’ve been unstaked. Is this correct?

@annie is this a manual process, am I waiting for something? I don’t have a button to stake myself like in the screenshots guide. The earning cycle ended last night and nothing happened, although it looked like the number of validators unstaking went down.

For pNode, it is still a manual process. Let me see what happens in your case. What is your Node ID?

Is this it 2410-876822?

2410-876822. This is the second one on the other one I’m still waiting for the earning cycle

Did you find out anything? Thanks for your help by the way!

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Mine has been in the process of unstaking for a bit as well, and it just earned some PRV today, but it says it’s still in the process of unstaking.

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That’s exactly what mine did. Hmm.

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Mine might just not be done with this earning period. The amount of PRV it earned just jumped.

You can check at watch.incognito.market

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Ooh, thank you for that info! Unfortunately, it can’t seem to find my node…

It should. Make sure you are using your public address for your node. Can be found in the app under your backup section.

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Found it! It says “Waiting to be selected.” So, it should be done earning, right? Then why is it still in the process of unstaking?

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Exactly. It’s done earning. I think ours are stuck for some reason.

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@annie, are you available for help?

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The unstake process for pNode is still a manual process: When you unstake, the Node will send a request to our database. It helps us to find the Funder of your Node so we can put an order to make sure 1750 PRV is returned to us when your Node is unstaked.
After that, your Node will enter the next status: waiting for the next earning cycle to complete.
As it is a manual process, if you unstake the Node on the weekend. You will have to wait until next Monday - the time we approve the unstaking request - to start unstaking.

@Justin_Smith Upon checking this Node: 2410-876822 we received your unstaking request on June 13 at 6:10 pm PT. So, if you entered some earning cycles at the weekend, the unstaking process is still ongoing.

@SynthiaNominae Your case may be similar if this is your Node ID: 6671-812116


Ah, alright. I thought it was something that happened at the end of whatever earning period happened next. Thank you for the clarification!

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