[SOLVED] Why is sending out from pDex account disabled?

I think the question is the clear :slight_smile: Three possibilities come to my mind:
1- To earn more fees :slight_smile:
2- Preventing an anonymity breach
3- Some technical requirements/difficulties

Which one(s) is the correct answer or whatnot?

2 would be the correct answer.


If 2 is correct, could it possible to make sending out optional (maybe giving warning) instead of disabling?

Due to privacy, we don’t want to expose the user’s information using pDEX. So, we disabled the sending out feature on pDex account.


I think that would be a bad idea. Kind of contradicting with what privacy is about. The Incognito project is about making the world aware privacy is a must. Opening loopholes like that won’t do much good.

It will also make things more confusing, especially for people new to crypto in general.

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The loophole already exists. I get what I want via API. The current solution is just for novice users. You may think it as “security by obscurity”.

I had wallet users in mind.