Some Wallet Error Codes

Hopefully, everything will work smoothly and easy no matter what action you perform in the Incognito wallet App, but in case it errors here are some error codes, their meaning and how to solve the error.

Code When Cause Solution
65 Adding liquidity pair to pDEX Invalid fee It is a bug that will be fixed
1001 Any transfer/trade Invalid account Message an admin/moderator privately
1002 Any transfer/trade Invalid timestamp Adjust the time of your device
(most often you are ahead of time)
1016 Any trade Invalid fee Increase the fee
6005 Any transfer/trade Pending txs Wait for pending transactions to complete before starting new ones

wow. this is super helpful. thank you @Jamie!

@thaibao @binh can we add all errors here, the current ones and also the new ones that we’ll introduce?


I’m getting 1003, 1002 error message during PRV/pUSDC trading. I checked my device time stamp and it’s synced with the network. Can someone please help?

Can you set back 5 minutes and try again please?

That worked. Thank you @Peter.
Network latency or some other issue might be the culprit in this case. But incognito app definitely needs to take this into consideration as moving clocks by a few mins everytime is more of a hack than a solution.

Yes, we will look into it asap. Thanks for your feedbacks, Peacemaker.