Staking pool options

As of today, here is a comparison of the different third-party staking options available to the community. If you run a staking service, please reply to this topic so you can be added to the list. If anyone has feedback on these services, feel free to share your thoughts – post a reply below to let the community know your experiences.

Jservers Shared Jservers Private Constant
Minimum Stake 175 PRV 1750 PRV 10 PRV
Share of rewards 97% 100% n/a
Guaranteed Return n/a n/a 50% APR
Fee Structure 3% of returns 6 PRV/wk none
Payout Period Weekly Default (1 epoch) 30 min
Auto re-stake Yes No Yes

Original thread: Shared Node Hosting


I’ve been using JServers for a few months now since I couldn’t afford to stake on my own, but still had a considerable amount of PRV from testnet. So far I have been delighted by the service, even to the extent of trying different node PRV allocation spreads to try and help with dry weeks. Highly recommended for someone who wants to earn their way into owning a full node!


Hey there, I’m a member of the Constant ( growth team. A couple of corrections I wanted to add to the chart.

  1. Minimum stake on Constant is 10PRV
  2. Our payout period is every 30 minutes

Love working with the PRV community, hope this helps! Thanks for the post Grant.


Thanks Grant,
You understood Information and did a nice job putting the comparison together.

Kudos to Peter and the constant team for their efforts to fill the gaps that help the community grow as we are trying to do as well.