To get incognito reviewed by crypto investor communities & crypto researchers

What privacy problem are you solving?

Usually users in crypto and blockchain space do not trust projects which they see in the first or second time. The reasons are crypto scam hype 2017-2018 and lack of tech knowledge to explore the project deeply enough to verify the credibility of the project and tech behind.

What is the solution?

I would like to test push out spreading awareness and decrease luck of trust from newcomers and old scull privacy focused users.

  1. Solution one. Collaboration with crypto community leaders which makes project overview and introduction to their community (in crypto space there is around 40 communities like this).

  2. Solution two. Work with reputable tech researchers and analyst for including Incognito in their analytical research. Those people has a good reputation in the industry and most of crypto users trust their overview and feedbacks.

As I don’t know which solution works better I plan to execute both options and bring incognito to be review by both types of researchers.

Goal 1. Bring awareness throughout active top crypto communities in telegram (short term results)



Goal 2. Got reputable analyst to research about the Incognito (long term results)

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.24.55 PM

Who are you?

I’m Jason, a contributor to Incognito. I work for the vision of a Command+Shift+N (or Ctrl+Shift+N if you go for Windows) for the whole blockchain space. You can find my personal page here 3. In the past, I aided the integration of privacy stable-coins (pUSDT, pUSDC, pBUSD, pDAI) on the e-commerce website Autonomous, as the new payment option real back in 2019.

Why do you care?

I believe in Incognito, and see that now is the perfect time to start being proactive about growth, especially the growth of exposure in communities of serious crypto investors.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Here are my specific objectives and key deliverables for this proposal. I will keep the community updated after each video is published. These are our objectives for the month of March.

Timeline Objective KPI Actual result
March To make a Node/project review by crypto communities 7 4 - pending
April Get Incognito reviewed by reputable tech analyst 2 in progress


Time Cost Quantity Total Type Status/spent
March pNode samples 7 5,600 PRV upon request 4 samples sent
March Growth specialist reward 1 1,000 PRV KPI based bonus pending
April Growth specialist reward 1 1,000 PRV KPI based bonus

Total budget March 1 - April 30

|**Total **| | | 7,600 PRV|

Is there anything else you would like the community to help?

Incognito is a project owned by the whole community. So feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions, and feel free to participate in meeting these goals with me! I value your ideas.


Hey, in the decentralized spirit, I would like to share publicly what I have done for the past 4 days (March 19 - March 23) in this sheet

Here are some specific updates

  • I sent out the pitch to 28 investors communities. They include investor communities that reviewed many big crypto projects before
  • Confirmed: We got 2 confirmed deals from Crypto Daku and Generation Crypto
  • In discussion: We are in discussion with 16 investor communities. I hope that we can get another 5 confirmed deals this week
  • Just first touch: We are still waiting for answers from 9 investor communities.

This is the update of this proposal for the last week of March (March 24 - March 29). Still, you can track the progress here

In the last week, we sent out Node to 3 investor communities, include ThuanCapital, Generation Crypto & GAINS community

I approached nearly all alive investor communities (33 in total). Some of them no longer do the project review, but technically all alive communities have had the chance to read our pitch.

Also, I got 5 new confirmed deals from Shin Chan, ThuanCapital, GAINS Community, Gagarin ICO, and OhHeyMatty. So in total, I got 7/7 confirmed deals.

I am holding the conversations with 14 investor communities. I hope to get
more confirmed deals in March

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This proposal will not be continue in April.
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