Translate PRV pitch deck (中文): 400 PRV

Where my polyglots at?

One of our focuses this quarter is to get the word out about PRV. That includes telling potential investors about Incognito, and why its native token is awesome.

This Wanted ad is for 中文 (简体字).

Reward: 400 PRV

If you are interested in taking on this translation task, please reply to this topic with:

1. Your translation of slide 6 and 20
2. Any other writing or translation samples you have

And if you know anyone who might be keen – send them our way!

The core team speaks a bunch of languages, but not all of them, so if anyone from the community wants to be a reviewer, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the applications.

Here are the slides.

If you have any questions, you know the drill. Just post them as a reply to this topic.


隐私。 他们真正想要的是隐私


I’ll send the Chinese version by tomorrow.

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Sweet @henry - please can you reply to this topic with:

1. Your translation of slide 6 and 20
2. Any other writing or translation samples you have

Tomorrow is chill. Thanks a bunch!

Slide 6:

Incognito based on the premise that people don’t

want a new cryptocurrency with

privacy. What they really want is privacy

for their existing cryptocurrencies.


Slide 20:

Token Economics

The total supply of 100M PRV is

designed to favor those who

work for the network, not to pre-

sell coins to speculators.



总供量为100M PRV,这个设计是为了奖励在互联网里为代币工作的人,不把货币预售给投机者

$0.49 (+490%)

Price on pDEX as of March 4, 2020

4M circulating supply

5M pre-mined

Purchased by the core team for $1M, used

to self-fund the project, locked and released

over 5 years.
95M block rewards

Mined over 40 years. The total block reward

for the first year is 8.7M PRV. Block rewards

are reduced by 9% every year.
3M mined in the first few months by

validators, plus 1M of the pre-mined 5M

released to the core team in the first year.


No ICO. No VC funding.

$ 0.49(+ 490%)






40年内开采。 第一年总区块奖励

是870万PRV。 区块奖励





否ICO。 否VC风险投资。

chinese 1 chinese 2 Chinese 3 english 1 English 2 English 3 rus-cn


Actually Google translated is getting better. Why not modified the slides so that you can select the language from Google translate?

The main prob of Google Translate is GIGO, if your initial slides are clear and concise, Google Translate does give a good job.

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Hi, Andrey, Those are my written translation samples that were requested in the task. I dont mind removing them, but that is really confusing as in the task it said ‘Any other writing or translation samples you have’ and it just so happened that I work as a translator/interpreter for a real estate company.

Oh, got it. Could you just reduce the size please. It should work than.

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