Turn your computer into a vNode without a VPS? Software

A software or system to turn a personal computer into a version of a vNode or pNode without a VPS.

  • I believe Monero’s desktop app, does something like this… or at least it seem like it.

I saw another thread where someone mentioned, theoretically you can turn a computer into a node, but it’s complicated and most people without a lot of computer skill would not be able to do it.

I have a few computers that have the computing power to be nodes, but I wouldn’t be able to turn them into a node without a VPS.

The idea :bulb::
Offer a simplified setup for the incognito software to go on a computer or laptop for a smaller cost than the pNode or free. The same rules would apply as the current pNode without staking the 65 / 35% rule is the same, but with staking it provides 100% block rewards.

Fee options:

  1. Completely free
  2. An up front one time fee to download and install the software onto the computer
  3. Monthly or annual fee, but much cheaper than a current VPS providers
    i.e. 5 - 10 PRV, since it’s just software, there isn’t much overhead and could be cheaper
  4. No out of pocket fee, but X number of block rewards from each month is automatically withdrawn as the “fee”

Reasons for and against fees:
Option 1: Keep it free
This could dramatically increase the number of nodes. If it’s easy to set up software on your computer to make it a node and just let it run, knowing the electricity costs are all you have to incur to receive PRV block rewards.
Definitely could be a PR statement, bloggers and influencers would jump on that.
EDIT: Ensure the blogger / influencer understand privacy is the core message and goal of this project.
Influencers like “easy money” stories, YouTube algorithm provides priority to these videos. - this is not our goal, but it may be told that way by some influencers.
An influx of node owners without staking, or adding liquidity could be a problem.
It also could be a problem if too many people with slow computers or slow internet providers start creating nodes.
Could take away from powerful VPS and pNodes that currently power the incognito network.

Option 2: Include fees up front or monthly
Fees going directly back into incognito are dollars that can be used to put back in the system rather than dollars spent on VPSs currently.
Also, can be used to fund other programs/ proposals/ rewards within incognito.
Incognito doesn’t really have a purchase or fee management structure besides paying for pNodes (I don’t think), adding monthly fees or staking withdraws etc, might require another system (monthly accounting can be substantial), adding strain to the dev team and taking away from development of other important programs.

Using fees options:

  1. Use fees towards development projects
  2. Add all or a portion of fees into a bucket for liquidity pool payouts. Provide a bonus for those who add liquidity, since staking can be a slightly better return than liquidity, contributors receive an additional reward as an added incentive to add funds in both a node an liquidity.
    I.e. first 2 block rewards from each month is added to liquidity pool bonus bucket
  • one time per year / per month this separate pool of money is distributed evenly to liquidity providers (or waited, if possible)
  1. Add funds into a liquidity shell account to increase total liquidity
    I.e. The fee is sent to a liquidity account setup by the dev team that no one individually owns, each month half is used to purchase another crypto then the total is added into liquidity from the liquidity account

Not sure if that makes sense or is even possible, hope this isn’t embarrassing myself!


I understand the idea, but let’s send an “adding privacy” message instead of a printing money message.


I agree entirely and I can edit the thread for context, but to clarify, I think we (incognito) will definitely send the privacy first message.

I was just pointing out, that very often youtubers will sell the idea of “side hustle” “easy money” “huge returns” etc. bc the YouTube algorithm promotes it.

Finance, teaching how to make money, etc is one of their top categories for ad payouts, so youtubers drool over stories that allow them to make a thumbnail that says

Then they explain on the video our message, but they tell it the way they want to.

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Are you referring to the Monero.org desktop wallet?
This works on most computers and has an option of running as a miner as well! (Not worth doing it by yourself,only works to decentralize the network)

Nice idea.


Yes, the monero desktop wallet, that’s exactly what I’m referring to, it has that option to mine on the computer if you have enough space