vNode Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 2/29/20

Next Update: vNode Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 3/7/20

Hi all. On this series, I will keep you updated on average vNode Earnings based on my own vNodes. This should give you a good snapshot of what and how you can expect to earn on your own vNode. If you haven’t earned in one week or didn’t earn a lot, don’t worry! You will earn again and earnings will even out over time.

There will be a new post titled “Weekly Update (date)” for every subsequent week, so if you are looking for the most current one, follow the update links at the top of this post.

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 3.06.56 PM

Note 1: This week I only had 6 active vNodes. Check out next week’s post to see all 8: vNode Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 3/7/20
Note 2: Physical Nodes will earn the same as Virtual Nodes, but if Incognito has provided the stake, you will be splitting the earnings with them by 25/75. You can always choose to Stake it yourself, and then receive the full earnings every week.
Note 3: Current known “longest record” for a vNode not earning is 23 days.


Nice going, Mike! :+1:

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