vNode Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 3/21/20

This is the next update in earnings statistics across my 8 vNodes.
Currently, my math has us at about 138%APY on a Node, and average overall weekly earnings of 45 PRV per node.
Please ask any questions you may have, and check back for next week’s update.

Note 1: Physical Nodes will earn the same as Virtual Nodes, but if Incognito has provided the stake, you will be splitting the earnings with them by 25/75. You can always choose to Stake it yourself, and then receive the full earnings every week.
Note 2: Current known “longest record” for a vNode not earning is 23 days. There is a badge you will earn if you can manage to beat this record. Let me, @Jamie, or @ning know if you do. It’s a way for us to make light of the devastation by giving you a small reward. Best we can do. :wink: