vNode withdrawal issue

Hey guys. I was talking to @Jamie on Telegram about this issue about 2 weeks ago and decided to open a topic here so I can track progress on solving the issue here and hopefuly help someone with the same problem as I had.

So the problem starts with me purchasing Google Cloud one year contract for vNode deployment by the Incognito guide posted here. Few days after I purchased Google Cloud subscription, I noticed removed Google as option in guide because google closes accounts which are connected with cryptocurrencies.

I bought 1750 PRV using pDex. I deposited USDT and bought PRV. Later I moved that PRV from my pDex to my Account0. I went to node option, connected my vNode with app and staked 1750 PRV to node.

After I heard people getting Google accounts closed because using it for Cryptocurrency is forbiden, I decided to unstake 1750 PRV from vNode. In meantime i earned 30 PRV with staking. The PRV earned can be seen here:
Where you can enter my PRV address:

As you can see, the amount of PRV on the address is 32.

To be able to unstake from vNode users are required to earn at least once to be able to unstake. After that, I clicked withdraw earnings and nothing happens. My node is now unstaked and my earninings are stuck in address and I cannot access them.

Thank you for your time.


As mentioned on Telegram, it is a bug that is being fixed. Not sure it is fixed in the newest version ( Give it a try, refresh the page to see if the option to withdraw is present.

@nikolakr I’m sorry! @Jamie Do you always have such problems?
I thought to make virtnode but now I don’t really want to :slightly_frowning_face:

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There is nothing wrong with running a Node Virtual, just don’t sign up with Google.

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Downloaded new update yesterday, it was not yet solved. Withdrawal option is still greyed out.

I Agree with @Jamie. I would very much recommend trying to set up a vNode. The guide is very well written and everything is described. Only problem was that I was unlucky that I went with Google Cloud. If I had choosen any other provider I would most likely still be running it.

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For the devs it is a good thing the bug was found. For others who want to move their Node Virtual from one server to another, either with the same host or a different one:

There is no need to unstake. Your stake is tied to your validator key, not to your Node Virtual. All you need to do is stop the old server, then start a new server using the same validator key used for the old server and you are good to go.


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I understand that, but in order to run another vNode I would have to buy another 1 year contract with for example Amazon and set up a new vNode there. This was a cost I was not willing to do at the moment and decided to unstake.

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Yes, I am aware of that.

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So to update the thread a bit. I had a conversation with @jamie today who said that it is possible that I used different Validator key for my node. I think this is not possible because of following reasons:

  1. I copied validator key from my wallet and pasted it into vNode while setting up. I saved the validator key on my PC.

  2. The funds are stuck on address:

You can see in image 2 and image 3 below that this is the address of account0 i staked from.

Which corresponds to account0 in my wallet. The validator key for account0 is the one I used for node.

  1. I believe that using Validator key from account0 earns funds for Incognito address of account0.

  2. Would it be possible that IF I entered wrong validator key into vNode, the earnings would go to different incognito address and just not show up into my account0 in first place?

This was the process:
Image 1 - Purchase of PRV on pDex using pUSDT and sending to pDex withdraw account:

Image 2 - sending purchased PRV from pDex withdraw to account0
(notice the address - same as I mentioned above.)

Image 3- Staking funds from account0 into node

Image 4 - node running with account0 staked

I dont know what else can I provide. I can send you the screenshot of account0 keys so you can confim that the keys I used for staking and node match.

This is all irrelevent.
That scenario came up because I was under the impression you started a new node with the same validator key already. In that case your old earnings should have turned up.

But you didn’t start a new node, you only have your first node running without being staked.

Just a heads up, was hoping an app update today would solve my withdrawal issue, but I’m afraid it hasn’t been solved yet.

There should be a badge “Longest unresolved vNode withdrawal case” with 32 PRV as a reward :slight_smile:

@Jamie Cricket sound in background
Any updates yet?

Others were looking into this @peter, @tien, maybe even @binh

Okay, thats nice. Any info about it? Issues like this wont attract new users to vNode, 19 days since the first post and 3 weeks since the issue.

Bumping this again. Still not able to get earned funds.
@Jamie @Peter @tien @binh

let’s move to PM