Voting app (June)


@hungngo, famed database crusher, built the anonymous voting system used to vote for builder rewards. For an introduction to the system and features to come, see the original post.

Original post: Anonymous Voting System for Builder Reward Program

Product website:

Voting address




thanks guy, please give my feedback on the site

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Here is my feedback :slight_smile: I want the source code of the site. Aside from joking, if possible, could you make the source code public? If not and you customized the source code of another open-source vote app, could you give its link? Thanks.


right now, i think source code is not ready for publicity. Until the technical description detail of Voting System is 100% completed.

I just started this app 10 days ago, so there are a lot of modification need to be made in the future

the URL shows up as not secure…image

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