Voting is officially open for June Builder Rewards!

If you were TL2 or TL3 on June 24th (granted the Member or Regular badge), you’ll now have received the voting token JUNE in the address you added to the incognito site. Remember to add the token so it shows up in your list!

Every vote counts. More votes mean more rewards for your favorite builder.

New to this? Check out the Builder Rewards program.

Ready to get started? Voting is easy.

Step 1

Learn more about June’s super cool products by browsing the Vote category.

Step 2

Vote! Here’s a walkthrough of how to vote.

More information

Want to see how many votes have been cast so far? Follow the June Vote here.

Here are direct links to product voting pages, which include their respective voting addresses.

  1. Spotlight website by @raz
  2. Network explorer by @inccry
  3. Ecosystem tools by @mesquka
  4. Nito notification bot by @Josh_Hamon
  5. Node watcher by @raz
  6. Voting app by @hungngo
  7. Incognito swag by @Joe_Moffett
  8. PRV faucet by @altair

The poll will close on 30 June, and results will be announced 1 July.

If you didn’t get a chance to vote this time, we hope you’ll join us next month! Here’s more information on Trust Level 2 and 3, and how to obtain the right to vote.

In the meantime, please use these awesome products, and post lots of questions and feedback on the product voting pages above. Help build Incognito with us :slight_smile:


:+1: Grate


Dang, I got promoted to “member” 10h ago, around 25th June 6am UT :sweat_smile:
I’ll check out the products anyway and will do my voting silently :grinning:🤷‍♂