VPS Vnode hosting 18PRV/Month - Free Week

I have a huge VPS for my Businesses

Offering hosting Vnodes

No coins will be sent to me, will just run the script with your validator key

Price will be 18PRV/month

Free week to start

Private message me

You already had kind of the same post here

As Peter tried to tell you, it is not likely for people to just send their PRV to you and hope for the best.

Ohh I couldn’t find that and I only saw the last you deleted, okay I’ll pin that one. And If you could delete this one thank you

I can also spin up a site to make it look legit

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You will need to make it in a way that people will trust you with their PRV. How is the PRV invested, what returns can they expect. There is more to it then running a server.

You can always find anything you posted or commented by going to your account and then select Activities.

Anything interesting you want to store for later use, and easy access you can bookmark right from the menu at the bottom of each message.

Thank you, I’ll get rid of the partial amount storage for now until I figure out a plan

The post now doesn’t have anything where you would have to send me prv just I’ll host there Vnode for them

With the different posts and information I am confused on what you are offering.

  • Is it space to run a Node Virtual?
  • Is it like a staking pool for Node Virtuals you will run?
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Partial I have decided to hold off on, I am hosting Vnodes for 18/prv a month.

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Got my first payment

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