What exchange gives the most accurate price for prv

I google today wat prv price and it was showing 58 cents
But when I got to incognito page it as of June 1 at 80+ cent.

Where can I find the true value of the coin?

I can’t even find it on binance or cmo or coin base.

I am just curious


Currently the only site I know of is nomics they list the price in USD. https://nomics.com/assets/prv-privacy


You wont find the price on normal exchanges as the PRV exchange is a closed exchange only visible to PRV users and I don’t think they have any price oracles which would be used to update exchanges and coin price sites with the cost


When I joined prv nomics wasn’t all that reliable.
Price was at 56c and they showed 80c
However I’m using

to check the current price.
Even though I’d find it more convenient if I could add it to my folio :relaxed:


Definitely incscan.io bro


I agree with @flurgx and @Joshua_Dukes suggestion. I personally check incscan.io every morning to keep my eyes on what’s happening at Incognito :slight_smile: That’s where to show the most accurate price of PRV (at least for the time being).

Anw, we will keep the community informed if any new tool is built up.

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I figured the PRV-USDT on the Dex was the most accurate, since it’s on the app, am I wrong??


or that too lol

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Oh yeah, you’re right! My bad :joy:

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@Ducky @Jerry_Watson,

They both essentially use the same data, so it’s all good. I personally use incscan for convenience/extra available data.

@Serval_Inc @MrCryptoMuffin,
For live data, use incscan.io or the pDEX. Nomics is outdated, and the PRV Holders letter (Incognito Page) is only updated once a month.

Eventually, PRV may be listed on other exchanges, since we can’t technically stop people from doing it, but the main point of PRV is to power the network, so it makes sense for it to be at home on the pDEX.

Good questions, all.


What if we have echanges look at incscan.io or something similar? That way they do not peer directly into the network but rather view a trusted private oracle so to speak of. Hey… Private oracles. cool.

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@andrey what are your thoughts on getting PRV listed on TradeOgre? I know you have tried to get CMC and CoinGecko, but TradeOgre seems to be where a lot of the privacy hawks go. Might be a good first step.

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hey @craycraycrypto it looks good. We will submit an application on TradeOgre!

Any other places we should be represented on ?


@andrey you could go for Binance DEX. And there are some I haven’t used that I’ve seen some buzz on, so DYOR, but there is CryptoWolf.eu and Bihodl.com. These have Loki listings (Not shilling their coin), but they are in the privacy space. Along with wherever Haven has their listings perhaps… I haven’t owned any of these except PRV in the past.

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Or how about getting listed at Midas Exchange?

Try southxchange

Welcome @fierydev

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Thank you!
Just got my Virtual Node staked and running today! :boom:

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