What is the quickest/best way to earn PRV?

Hello again!

I spent so much time learning everything about this platform and now it is all changed again. What is the quickest and best way of earning PRV now?


The project is young, and in full development. Things change and will change, hopefully only for the better.

“The best” way depends on what you are looking for.
“The quickest” way depends on how much you are willing to invest, probably.

  • Do you have PRV/other coins already? (You could join the stake pool or add liquidity to pDEX pairs)
  • Do you run a Node (Virtual)? (You can still do the above with the earnings, and/or start new Nodes with it)

@mrpacosan This might give you some additional insight to help you make your decision about your different earning options.


I’m new to the community and I would definitely recommend starting staking on the app 57% return right now. And getting a node or vnode for sure…
initial investment of $1000 for vnode and staking
Or any amount even as little as $10 for staking on the app with 57% return


@mrpacosan If you are new to crypto and want to get started with investing in PRV but don’t have much money then get some and stake on the app. If you have ~1K USD then invest in setting up a virtual node.

To get your first PRV the easiest way would be to purchase USDC on coinbase.com and then transfer it to your Incognito wallet and convert to PRV. Then stake your newly owned PRV on the app.

See this for information: How to buy PRV in 3 steps