Windows Node Option?

Does anyone know if there are talks to offer a windows executable or instructions for installing a node on a Windows machine?

My laptop meets the requirements and is online 24/7. I have it staking other coins and never shut it off.

I would imagine that windows is the preferred choice of OS for the majority of newbie users. I understand the benefits of running this on linux just curious about windows.


Hi @Jared, there is an instruction here: Advanced set up: customize the port of your Node
However, it is complicated (read through the comments). You need to know:
1/ How to change port in file
2/ Start many files in the same server


Just a little over an hour later and I think I found my own solution.

After some googling around it appears in Windows 10 you can turn on Developer Options then add the windows feature WSL. WSL allows you to quickly install the latest version of just about any linux distro straight from the Windows store. Now I’m running an Ubuntu terminal inside of my windows machine and everything seems to be working fine.

Update: Seem to be running into an issue when running the script. Maybe need a modified script when running on windows. I’ve attached a screenshot below showing what I’m getting. Maybe someone can help give direction here. I’m too tired to continue trying this for now.

sudo bash


@Jared :wave:t6:
I use VitrualBox 2 vNode
Ubuntu for Windows limited in settings and functions :confused:


Are there any special requirements to get this working and outward facing so it will show up on the network?

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Did you check the obvious? Is docker installed? Did you try to use sudo, or are you root user?


Hi @Jared, there is an instruction here: Advanced set up: customize the port of your Node
You need to open the ports of your modem and VirtualBox! Each vNode has its own port!
2, 3 , 4 vNode


Hey Jared, I was able to fix this by running:

sudo dockerd

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