Withdrawing node earnings

Basic new user questions:
How do I withdraw earnings from node?
What wallet will withdrawals go to?
It says it can take up to 24 hrs for withdrawal. Why? And what is the next step if I see no transfer after 24hrs?

Start the Withdrawal process

You can withdraw earnings from the pNode by tapping the 3-dots menu at the top right of the node tab. In case you have multiple nodes, each node has its own 3-dots menu.

The Withdraw feature will show up at the bottom. All you have to do is tap it.

What is next?

A withdrawal request is sent, and added to a queue.
For now, each withdrawal of earnings from a pNode requires manual processing. This unfortunately results in a delay.

What happens when the request is processed?

When processing the request all PRV earnings are removed from the pNode.

For example:
Your PRV earnings are 54.5999 when you tap the Withdraw button, but your Node is still in the earning process. When actual processing takes place your Node shows it has earned 87.2351 PRV. All 87.2351 PRV will be removed from the Node.

Where Do The Earnings Go?

Every node has an account assigned to it. The name of the account is displayed on the Node tab for each individual Node. An account can only be assigned to one Node.

To check whether earnings arrived yet, you can tap the Wallet icon at the bottom left of the screen. If the name displayed at the top of the screen is not your Node assigned account, tap the gear-icon, and select the Node assigned account.

Hit the “back”-button ( < at the top left ) to return to an overview of the coins present in your Node assigned account. You can refresh the screen by pulling it downwards.

Only PRV, No Other Coins?

PRV is withdrawn with every withdrawal action, the other coins are only withdrawn when their total reaches 25 nano pToken value. This is due to the fee that is involved with the withdrawal transaction.

Coins Removed, But Not Present

Coins with a balance do not automatically show up in the coinlist of your account.

At the bottom of the coinlist there is an option “Add coins to your list”. This means you want to follow this coin.

For Example:
You earned some pTOMO, but pTOMO is not on your coinlist.

  • tap “Add coins to your list”
  • start typing “tomo” in the search field at the top
  • the list will filter a search result
  • always look for the coin with the green checkmark behind the name
  • tap the + button of that coin
  • tap the “back”-button

The coins should now be in the list, and show your balance.

When Withdrawal Takes Too Long

Due to the manual processing, and support only being available during working hours from Monday to Friday, withdrawal can take some time.

If it really takes too long, contact an admin/moderator. We can check the status of the withdrawal.


Hi Jamie, is there an estimate on when the pnode withdrawals will be automated?

I am not sure maybe @annie knows.

Oops sorry I missed this. It will be automated in March at the latest. @Peter can you inform @JG20 when this is live.

Sure, I will keep you posted!