Wow ..!! I Am Getting Free Reward.

Charming…!! :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Thanks for peter & team.

Hi Oerang_Badoey,

You’ve been great this week. Here are the badges you’ve earned, and the rewards that come with them:

Enthusiast : 1 PRV

Kudos : 3 PRV

Appreciated : 2 PRV

Total rewards this week: 6 PRV

Community rewards are paid out every Thursday, 6:00 AM UTC, to the Incognito wallet address listed in your profile.


Community Manager


Congratulations! I got one PRV also… that’s so awesome. Thanks Peter!

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Oh cool I was wondering when the payout were.

weekly on thursday…

Nice didn’t know that activity, reading and posting is rewarded here.
Will add my prv address now :call_me_hand:

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Hi All, I just added my incognito address to my profile so that I can receive community rewards. Does anyone know whether I can or will receive all my past community rewards that were not paid out because I did not have the address listed on my profile until now?

I did not receive ones I was notified that I had earned before I entered my addy.

I think, it will be distributed on weekly basis

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Yes, it is. I am just saying I did not have an rewards deposited that were earned prior to when I actually added my wallet address to my profile.

Hi @jtmerchant @17Strife, once you added your Incognito address to your profile, all you past community rewards that you guys have earned from the badges will be sent to that wallet in the next distribution time. The weekly distribution time is on every Thursday.

So no worries. :slight_smile:

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