You have an app update:

What a long week! We come back with an in-app update today :sunglasses:

What’s fixed:

  • API withdrawal issue
  • Address book’s UI

What’s new:

  • New UI for Setup Node
  • Re-access to pApp feature
  • Add Feedback section
  • Add Withdrawal warning message for the smart contract address
  • Add 2 field symbols: Contract address for ETH/ ERC20 token & Deposit transaction history

Let’s restart the wallet app and tell us what you think about this update!

Screenshot_20200309-160043_Incognito Wallet


Thanks Peter!

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After the update, I get this error on the Nodes screen every time. I’ve tried killing the app but no change. I’m on iOS



Thanks, Josh. We are working on it. I will keep you posted.

Hi everyone, we just released a patch: to fix the above issue. Please restart the app and perform an update.
Let us know if you got any error messages.