Become an Incognito Validator

Want to help build the privacy layer of the decentralized web and earn rewards? Validators are essential to the security and robustness of the Incognito chain.

This October, Incognito will launch Node Device, its own plug-and-play staking hardware. For now, you can get a head start by running a virtual node on your computer, or on a cloud instance such as AWS. Just follow the instructions below.

Incognito is currently running on the testnet. Block rewards are being paid out in testnet PRV, and will be converted to mainnet PRV at a fixed rate.

Questions? Reach us on Telegram or email us at

Create your account

Download the Incognito App


Open the app and it will automatically generate a wallet for you.

Under the tap YOU, tap on Account.


Copy YOUR INCOGNITO ADDRESS and your VALIDATOR KEY (keep them safe!). You’ll need them in STEP 3 and 4.

Set up your server

You can run Incognito on a low-cost server. If you don’t have a server yet, it’s really simple and takes just a couple of minutes. You can set up an account with a VPS provider or a cloud service provider like DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, AWS or Vultr, Linode. It is highly recommended to set up your server with DigitalOcean Instance.

Useful instructions:
* How to set up an AWS account?
* How to set up a Google Cloud Instance?
* How to set up a Digital Ocean Instance?

The minimum server requirements are 4GB RAM, 4 CPUs, and 50GB SSD. For example, if you use Google Cloud Instance, the Machine type should be "n1-highcpu-4".

Save YOUR SERVER EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS. You’ll need it in Step 5.

See instructions to set up Node in the Step 3.

Run Incognito

In your terminal:

Run this command line below. Replace validator_key with your VALIDATOR KEY (from Step 1).

curl -LO && sed -i "s/xxx/validator_key/" && sudo bash

If you see the following errors, just ignore them. You’re doing good.
Error: No such container: inc_miner
Error: No such container: inc_kovan
Error response from daemon: network with name inc_net already exists

For the curious, because Incognito is integrated with Ethereum (so you can send ETH and ERC20 tokens privately), its error messages show up here. There’s nothing much we can do about it. Move on.

Request free Privacy (PRV)

Privacy (PRV) is the native coin of the Incognito Network. To become a validator and help build the network, you’ll need to stake the minimum 1,750 PRV. It’s easy to request free PRV. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a public post on either Facebook or Twitter that includes (from STEP 1) and a hashtag #goincognito

    For example:

    "I’m going to be a validator for the Incognito network. My address is #goincognito"

  2. Then, copy and paste the URL of that social post to the Incognito Telegram channel and fill this form. That’s it! 1,750 PRV will be added to your wallet. If your PRV has not arrived after 12 hours, please direct message @peter_incognito for support.

Monitor your node

You can easily monitor your Incognito nodes right from your phone.


Tap "Add a Virtual Node"


Enter your Node's IP address, then click "Add"


Almost there! Now, that you’ve got PRV, all you have to do is stake. Remember, you need to stake at least 1,750 PRV to begin earning rewards.

Tap on the Node you want to stake


Tap "Run" to start staking


Select fee & speed as you want, then tap "Stake"


Congrats! You’re officially part of the network. Welcome to Incognito :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep your PRIVATE KEY as SAFE because anyone who has it can access your funds. You may need it once you re-install the mobile app.


We welcome any questions, comments, or feedback. Or just reach out to chat. We’re on telegram pretty much all the time:, or do it the old fashioned way and send an email to