Become an Incognito Validator

Want to help build the privacy layer of the decentralized web and earn rewards? Validators are essential to the security and robustness of the Incognito chain.

This October, Incognito will launch Node Device, its own plug-and-play staking hardware. For now, you can get a head start by running a virtual node on your computer, or on a cloud instance such as AWS. Just follow the instructions below.

Incognito is currently running on the testnet. Block rewards are being paid out in testnet PRV, and will be converted to mainnet PRV at a fixed rate.

Question? Reach us on Telegram or email us at

Create your account

Create a password to set up your Incognito Wallet account:

Copy YOUR PRIVATE KEY. Keep it safe! You’ll need it to run a script in STEP 2.

Copy YOUR ADDRESS. You’ll need it for STEP 3, where you’ll request PRV to stake.

Run Incognito

Install Docker.

Run the command line below to download, or download it here.

curl -LO

Open, and edit the file, then replace xxx with YOUR PRIVATE KEY (refer to STEP 1 if you’re lost). Then, run the command line below to start Incognito.


If you see the following errors, just ignore them. You’re doing good.
Error: No such container: inc_miner
Error: No such container: inc_kovan
Error response from daemon: network with name inc_net already exists

For the curious, because Incognito is integrated with Ethereum (so you can send ETH and ERC20 tokens privately), its error messages show up here. There’s nothing much we can do about it. Moving on.

Request free Privacy (PRV)

Privacy (PRV) is the native coin of the Incognito Network. To become a validator and help build the network, you’ll need to stake the minimum 1,750 PRV.

It’s easy to request free PRV. Simply send a message to the Incognito Telegram channel, remembering to include YOUR ADDRESS (from STEP 1).

For example:

"Send me free PRV and no one gets hurt. My address is 1Uv3CsGLj7Ue6YoftT2XvMPrLcpETWgDPu9XQ3rF8FgZKMtwfkGPbQ1nRxtyhSVs7duQ"


Almost there! Now, that you’ve got PRV, all you have to do is stake. Remember, you need to stake at least 1,750 PRV to begin earning rewards. Just open your Incognito Wallet and tap the [STAKE] button.


Congrats! You’re officially part of the network. Welcome to Incognito :)

Monitor Incognito (optional)

Running multiple nodes? Or just kind of a control freak? Install Incognito Network Monitor.. The Incognito Network Monitor is a desktop utility application that allows you to - you guessed it - easily monitor your Incognito nodes.


We welcome any questions, comments, or feedback. Or just reach out to chat. We’re on telegram pretty much all the time:, or do it the old fashioned way and send an email to