CALL TO DONATE: Help protect those fighting COVID-19!

March 23

Thank you all for voting. I think the unanimous decision is yes. You guys are the best.

Here is the PRV donation address:



The Incognito team will match any amount of PRV donated. So for every 1 PRV you give, we’ll give 1 PRV. We’ll continue updating this thread with details.

If anyone has contacts at hospitals or facilities for vulnerable populations, please let us know.

Stay hydrated! :heart:

March 22

Starting Monday, the Incognito core team will send 25,000 medical masks to places that have been the worst hit by COVID-19.

Our team is distributed across the world, with many in Asia, where the situation is somewhat more under control. Supplies are holding steady – so we can try to support other countries.

The first 25,000 masks will go to hospitals in NYC, SF, Seattle, and Austin.

This is a drop in the bucket, so we need your input, and maybe your help:

The per-unit cost of medical masks we have from our suppliers is approximately 2 PRV ($0.80 - $1.00). If we were to set up a donation drive for the next shipment of masks, where the team will match any amount donated (1 PRV for 1 PRV), would you participate? Would you tell your friends to participate?

  • YES
  • NO

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I’ll donate whatever is in my account right now. Where to send it too?


Awesome :sunny: thank you!

Hoping a bunch of people will register interest today, then will put up a donation address with a read-only key, so everyone can keep track of the funds.

Will also be updating this thread with info on how the first distribution goes. We expect the first shipment to reach the USA tomorrow. \o/

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Afaik the explorer doesn’t support read-only key yet. Am I wrong? @ning


Nice initiative!


This is a great idea!! I’m definitely in. And yes I’d ask my other Incog friends to join.


Hey, I live in the Seattle area. I can help deliver those if you’d like! Now that I’m part time, I could easy find time to help!


re: seattle area

thank you! a few friends of mine already made some phone calls to seattle hospitals on friday. for now, at least these hospitals will receive the masks.

  1. overlake medical center
  2. seattle children’s hospitals

note that these are my friend’s personal donations. they’ll also call seattle cancer care alliance on monday. if you want to check on other hospitals, you can skip these for now.

update: we will delay the masks to seattle and ship them to new york first. it looks like seattle will receive 1.5M masks from the government next week, while new york cases are growing exponentially.


re: new york area

we’re calling about 12 hospitals in new york, and so far 3 of them will take the masks.

  1. Mount Sinai Hospital
  2. Milstein Hospital
  3. New York Presbyterian (Queens)

we’ll keep updated everyone.

conversation with mt sinai

conversation with new york prebysterian (queens)


re: austin, tx

we’ll be sending masks to these hospitals

  1. Dell Seton Medical Center
  2. St David’s Medical Center
  3. Ascension Seton Medical Center
  4. Baylor Scott & White Clinic

This is a comment from James:
"I highly recommend your team join the Folding @ Home distributed computing platform. They are a non profit organization. Their software runs on your computers and uses CPU & GPU cycles to process the raw data in the fight to find cures for diseases such as COVID-19. They have been doing this for 20 years. You can read about them online."


Hey everyone! i closed the poll and added the donation address to the main topic ^

Here is the donation address:


Please give what you can, every PRV counts (for two!) :v:

Thank you.


Nice! Do we have a goal amount?

Could you specify mask types? Is there any mask code such as N95 in your hands? An example document for codes.

Would you accept country-specific donations after this campaign? Doctors, nurses in Turkey also need a lot of masks. Depending on your answers, I will try to create a transparent/trustable donation plan and share it here. @ning

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PRV sent!


i think we’ve found a supplier without a minimum order - so there’s no danger of not raising enough to fill an order.

but obviously the more the merrier! was hoping to raise 10,000 PRV from the community. we’d match 10,000 PRV, which brings us up to 20,000 PRV (10,000 masks).

if anyone here knows a reliable supplier with a lower per unit cost, please connect me!


They are FDA approved disposable medical masks.

And of course, please feel free to run your own donation campaign on this website! You may be able to find more cost-effective supplies and shipping methods for Turkey.


If we all join together we can defeat any virus! @ning great idea! :slight_smile:


The saga, pt.1:

Sunday morning:

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.19.03

Monday noon:

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.19.17

Tuesday morning:

We’re on our way!! :sweat_smile: