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Incognito Wallet

Incognito Wallet is a privacy-protecting crypto wallet. It’s the only privacy-first alternative for all your crypto activities and all your cryptocurrencies. With the Incognito wallet, any of your favorite coins become privacy coins.

Right now, you can store, send, receive, buy, and sell crypto with complete confidentiality. And soon, you’ll be able to lend and borrow crypto anonymously too.




Learn more about the Incognito wallet here.

Incognito pDEX

You shouldn’t have to give up your identity to play in the crypto economy. Meet the world’s first privacy-protecting decentralized exchange. Experience completely anonymous trading: no KYC, no records of buyers, sellers or transaction amounts. No third party risk either, because you control your money and hold your own private keys.

Enjoy decentralized, scalable, cross-chain liquidity. Trade BTC, ETH, PRV and more with 100% confidentiality.

Access the pDEX through your Incognito wallet.




Learn more about the pDEX here.

Incognito Physical Node

The Incognito Physical Node is the easiest way to be the network, mine PRV (the native coin of Incognito), and earn transaction fees in pBTC, pETH, and pUSDT. It is our very own hardware device.


Learn more about the physical node here.

Incognito Virtual Node

Another option is to run one or more Virtual Nodes on a cloud instance such as AWS and Google Cloud — if you’re technical. Incognito Virtual Node is a program that validates privacy transactions and builds new blocks. In return, it gets paid in PRV and transacted currencies - such as pBTC, pETH, and pUSDT.



Learn more about hosting a virtual node here.