Maybe instead of having to transfer to other wallets then to transfer to incognito right right away maybe a referral bonus

What do you mean by referral bonus instead of transfer to other wallet?

@Jan_Sokolovits, correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are making two different suggestions instead of one.

I think in the first suggestion you are recommending a smoother transfer process into Incognito, and in the second suggestion, I think you are saying Incognito should have a referral bonus. Is that correct?

For the first suggestion, you should be able to deposit directly into Incognito from any other wallet. I deposit from at least three different wallets. But perhaps you are wanting to deposit fiat (instead of crypto) currency directly into Incognito. For example, you want to take your native currency and deposit it directly into Incognito, instead of having to use another exchange to convert fiat into crypto first. If this is what you mean, there is a good thread about why this likely will never happen on Incognito. It’s a good read with a few different perspectives represented in the debate.


I am not necessary saying that but say u want to deposit straight from a game wallet right into incognito