Hey I'm Mike, Incognito Rebel 💪

Hey all. I’m located in New York City, U.S.A.

I’m here to help expand Incognito.

I’ll be helping to:
1) Keep and publish statistics for weekly Incognito Transactions (TXS), as well as vNode Earnings and PRV-pUSDT Liquidity :chart_with_upwards_trend:
2) Move new users over to Incognito.org from Telegram. :call_me_hand:
3) Making YouTube video content to help onboard new users and expand social media presence. :clapper:


Hey Mike, awesome to see you’ve joined the Rebellion :boom:

Granted you the Rebel badge - you can see it in your profile and enable it as a title if you like - though out of love is rarer atm :wink: