The first privacy-protecting decentralized exchange

Incognito pDEX is an upgraded decentralized exchange. Like other decentralized exchanges, it is trustless. Unlike other DEXs, it also offers complete privacy via zero-knowledge proofs, high throughput via sharding, and inter-blockchain trading via interoperable bridges.

Experience completely decentralized, anonymous, cross-chain trading.



Trade with no KYC

You shouldn’t have to give up your identity to join the crypto economy. pDEX is anonymous, non-custodial, and your information is entirely yours to keep.

Trade with no order book

On pDEX, the traditional order book is replaced by a bonding curve mechanism known as constant product. Everyone’s bids and asks are taken and pooled into two giant buckets. Market makers no longer specify prices at which they are willing to buy or sell; pDEX automatically creates markets and facilitates instant matches based on an Automated Market Making algorithm.

Customize your trading fees

You determine your own experience. The higher you set your trading fees, the faster your orders will be processed. It’s entirely market-driven.

Become a liquidity provider and earn trading fees

On a typical exchange such as Coinbase or Binance, market makers supply liquidity at various price points. In contrast, liquidity on pDEX is provided by liquidity providers. Anyone who provides liquidity earns a corresponding share of all fees in that pool.

List any pair you like

Liquidity providers can also add any trading pair they like. The amounts they deposit will set the initial price.

In the majority of exchanges, owners take all the trading fees. On pDEX, all trading fees are distributed to liquidity providers. It’s a fairer way to build a crypto exchange.

Scalable, decentralized, anonymous trading for any cryptocurrency

pDEX is designed to support privacy for the traders of today and tomorrow. It leverages sharded architecture to deliver high throughput so it can adapt to support increasing transaction volumes. Powered by thousands of nodes on the Incognito network, pDEX runs entirely on-chain and is completely decentralized.

With Incognito, any public coin can become a privacy coin, and anyone can add any pair they like. Keep your trading activity safe from prying eyes. Time to join the privacy movement.




To me, current pDEX trade pairs are not attractive to traders since not all bridged currencies have stablecoin pairs. In the bear market, traders cannot convert their assets into the stablecoins easily. Most of the bridged currencies require two-step trade: 1-convert it to PRV, 2-convert it to a stablecoin

There is one more problem. Some bridged currencies have a pair with USDT, some are with USDC and some with DAI etc. Yes, there should be stablecoins pair but only one stablecoin (USDT like in Binance) should have pairs with all bridged currencies.

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That being said, to make it more attractive to users, do you think pdex should have more pairs between the bridged currencies like pBTC - pETH, pBTC - pBNB,…?

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100% definitely better. More users of Incognito will use as a primary wallet if the tokens or coins they are using are listed in the pairs. :smile::pray:

Exactly, popular pairs in addition to stablecoin pairs would be better.