Physical node expected useful lifespan

There is always an expectation that, eventually , the node hardware will eventually fall below spec for network participation. What is the current expected lifespan of a physical node?

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I would also like to know this.

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Hi @Silvercap718, @Ferg40, the SSD size of the Node is 500 GB and with 30GB consumed each month, the life span of the Node is around 16 months. However, we are working on an optimization plan for this, hopefully it will help increase the lifespan.


Why wasn’t this stated on the site that this has a lifespan? I have never head this before till now. Why did I spend money on something that wouldn’t even last 2 years! What is the plan when this stops working?

Hi Rosario, thanks for your suggestion. In theoretical way, the lifespan of the Node is mostly decided by the capacity of the SSD drive. The size of BTC blockchain is about 242 GB now. So your 500GB SSD would last for many years.
We are optimizing the network size. Rest assured that we will keep you posted.

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