Referral Rewards

I know its been talked about. I know there are concerns based on the last airdrop and people taking advantage and just in it to make free coin.


From a person who works with marketers; there has to be a way to reward those in the community that go out of their way to promote the use of the system and bring in new users.

Maybe you have to reach a certain badge level before you can become a referrer? Maybe you have to be approved, or have a fully staked node (so it shows investment and commitment).

Pay out through the wallet referral section so it adds transactions and fees on the network.

But there should be a way for people skilled in the marketing world to use their knowledge and most importantly time (which is what true marketing involves) into something other than a pat on the back.

Anyway, just my two cents. I will do my part regardless, just know people that have professional level skills aren’t going to put their time in for free.

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You are always free to submit a proposal to the DAO that best demonstrates and utilizes your professional marketing skills. You set your own goals and objectives in your proposal. Assuming the proposal receives approval and you meet your goals and objectives on time, you would receive PRV funding that will undoubtedly be greater than what you could earn through any kind of theoretical referral system. This would neatly sidestep the referral spam problem that – more often than not – doesn’t bring in high quality new users.

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Nice idea, can’t guarantee support but if you want to make a plan for how it would work, write a proposal!

Also, I died laughing when I realized it was Leroy Jenkins reference


Discussing this topic for quite long time. The key question here is how to attract privacy focused users ?

Let’s workout pros/cons together:


  • bring new users


  • easy to manipulate
  • attracts users which don’t care about privacy

Anything else to add to these two sections ?