Security audit is a MUST!

Having followed and being a maker+staker, I strongly suggest we do a security audit. The liquidity is $2.69 M now, neither users nor team could bear such loss.
Auditing is an ongoing process, we could start with the most important part, e.g. contract/collateral of money in/out, then we complete the rest step by step.


hey @jindouyunz. we’ve been talking to open zeppelin and peckshield.

open zeppelin is really good, but it looks like they only do audit for ethereum smart contacts. we actually like peckshield a lot! not only they can audit for our ethereum bridge smart contracts, but they can also do audit for the incognito chain.

do you have any other recommendations?


Hi, very happy to see you considering that. I’m not an expert in this field. I heard of Trail of Bits many times, they give an audit on Monero last year. Someone recommend Certik. In China, Slowmist is very famous, if you’re interested, I could introduce.
Great job! Keep Moving!


yes, any intros are much appreciated! we hope to finalize the audit firm soon.

we hope to find one that can audit not just ethereum smart contracts but also have experience auditing large code base of a full blockchain with more than 1M lines of code like incognito. it would be best if they have cryptographers on their team who can audit our privacy code. also, ideally, they should have experience with auditing other PoS networks, especially those implementing sharding.

my email is and my telegram is @duy_incognito if that’s more convenient for you to make the intro. thank you!


This seems like a good list of options to look into.

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I recommend NOT using Kudelski. They did a poor job auditing a large golang blockchain code base for the company for which I work.