Shared Node Hosting

To help those in the community who don’t have the finances (PRVs) to stake a vNode or are not sure how to set up the required software and manage the servers to run a vNode. Let’s talk about your options.

Understand that providers of such services are not affiliated with the incognito group and as such beware of potential scams.


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Here is a comparison of the different staking options as I understand them. Please (anyone) lmk if anything needs to be updated:

Jservers Shared Jservers Private Constant
Minimum Stake 175 PRV 1750 PRV 10 PRV
Share of rewards 97% 100% n/a
Guaranteed Return n/a n/a 50% APR
Fee Structure 3% of returns 6 PRV/wk none
Payout Period Weekly Default (1 epoch) 30 min
Auto re-stake Yes No Yes