[SOLVED] It’s there and then it’s gone?

This one is strange for me.

I see a node is earning on incognito.market for a couple of epochs. Earnings show up on @mesquka site but not on the app. The node gets moved out of committee. After a few minutes all 3 earning cycles show up on the node. Hit withdraw. It takes about 20 minutes for it to hit the wallet. I leave for a family thing. Two hours later, it’s not in the wallet or node…

I haven’t seen these behaviors before. Any thoughts?

Hi, so you don’t see the earnings of 3 cycles (~32.7 PRV) in the associated wallet now? Have you restarted the app?

I did see it then I didn’t both at the node then later at wallet. I have restarted to app several times and again after the UI update.

Let’s provide me the incognito payment address and the readonly key of your node wallet in a private message, so we can have a look.

Info sent.

PRV did appear back in the wallet, which I was able to remove. Strange behavior…

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Thanks, I receive your information. I check and see that the balance of that address is 0. Did you move it to somewhere else?

You mean that removing the wallet, or sending it to another wallet? Could I have some screenshots/ records please?

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Sorry for the confusing message, yes the PRV appeared in the wallet, and I was able to withdraw it to another wallet.

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