The p-coinmarketcap for the Incognito mode of the crypto space

I posted in ‘wallet’ a few days ago. Today I re-post it because I want to hear the voice from the community on this matter

How about we make the p-coinmarketcap for the ‘Incognito mode’ of the crypto space, with all shielded crypto assets?

Basically, Incognito is introducing privacy versions of normal cryptos. For example, pBTC, pETH, p-ERC20 tokens, pBNB, p-BEP2 tokens., etc. All these privacy versions are shaping up something called the ‘Incognito mode’ for the cypto world, where all the normal crypto assests are ‘shielded’

For the normal crypto world, folks usually look at to see all the stats. What do you guys think of a coinmarketcap site for the ‘Incognito mode’ with all shielded crypto assests?

So, in this p-coinmarketcap, we can show the market capitalization of pBTC, pETH, p-ERC20 tokens, pBNB, p-BEP2 tokens, etc., For example, Market Capitalization of pBTC = Number of BTC shielded at the moment * The price of 1 pBTC (1 BTC) (Calculating the number of BTC shielded has nothing to do with the privacy chain, it simply is equal to number of BTC deposited into Incognito Wallet - number of pBTC withdrawn out of Incognito Wallet).

The p-coinmarketcap should also be a good idea for visualized data-focusing kind of contents that Incognito should show to the public. It basically shows how big the ‘Incognito mode’ is for now. And Incognito is an open-source project, which means helping hands from community would be appreciated, right?


Sounds like a plan. Eventhough everything is named pTokenName.

It doesn’t really make sense due to the names already in use, but since listings are mostly alphabetically ordered, you could consider using, as in anonymous.

It’s great, incognito already has a pDex. Team can easily gather up data and put them on a show. User may feel more compelling to join. In my opinion, this site should be like, it sound more friendly with incognito ecosystem.

Instead of a different site/entity, I think Incognito should contact with coinmarketcap authors and provide them with the required API. So, in that case, pDEX will be seen as exchange like Binance, Etherflyer etc. and “p” prefix will removed from the trade pairs. For example, pBTC/pUSDT will be seen BTC/USDT. The user will understand that they are private versions by seeing the exhange name (pDEX). To me, the cooperation with coinmarketcap will make Incognito more visible in a short term.

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I think this is a great idea, we should consider again.

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Hi guys. @inccry made it real. Head to and look at ‘Current amount’ Tab. It’s exactly the p-Coinmarketcap. You guys should check it out.




Except PRV. This is like CMC without Bitcoin :slight_smile:

He had it

PRV cap

I know but not in the same place. I meant this.